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                 WEED   WIPER


ROUNDUP - has been appreciated by many farmers and hobbyists and even by those who have never intended to use chemical agents in their gardens. The problem occurs when we want to apply Roundup selectively on a clump of persistent weeds, on lawn, around trees and bushes, on flower-beds, in interrows, etc.
Since the spraying machine creates haze, there is a risk of the damage of plants under cultivation. These problems can be easily solved by a very simple in construction, practical and save in use rope-wick applicator, called "weed-wiper".

Hand weed-wiper is a light pipe of about 1 metre (3.3 feet) long, comprising a handle and a container of herbicide solution. It ends with a special absorbable line (rope-wick). Working liquid, the line ought to be soaked up, should be 33% solution of Roundup. A thin layer of this preparation is spread on weeds with the help of this wet line. This method secures not only the precision and selectivity of the treatment but also the economical use of herbicide and its full application. It also makes it possible to fight with the most persistent weeds. The necessary dose of herbicide depends on a plant type, phase the treatment is being carried out and on a proportion of root bulk to the surface of leaves of weeds we fight with. In case of many years' weeds there may be a need to repeat the treatment.

Single hand weed-wipers are used on allotments and around houses. Wider weed-wipers prove good on larger areas, in blueberry patches and nurseries; they make it possible to kill weeds which overgrown crops and weeds not eaten on pastures.